“Linderman Law saved this case…Linderman Law increased its value…”
—Written Opinion of Judge George L. Neithercut

“Representing Employees Who Have Been Wronged and Employers Who Want To Do Right”

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Unorthodox And Unapologetic

We advocate for employers and employees throughout the state because our clients matter. There are both deserving employers and deserving employees who deserve and need a legal champion to navigate their rights through the litigation process.

Being a champion for wronged employees and employers who want to build strong, vibrant businesses, where employees feel valued and dedicated may be unorthodox, but we will not apologize for being a different kind of law firm.

Need Someone To Fight For Your Rights?

We are known litigators who fiercely protect and defend employees’ rights in the courtroom. From start to finish, Linderman Law PLLC will have your back.

Whether it is a wrongful termination matter, sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability or age discrimination, violation of your FMLA rights, whistle-blowing or overtime violations, Linderman Law PLLC has made justice prevail in these legal battles.

We are ready to be your sword and your shield, representing your rights to the fullest extent of the law​.

Followed The Law And Still Being Wrongfully Sued?

Linderman Law PLLC​ vigorously represents employers’ rights in employment practices, litigation and appeals. We began as a plaintiff’s firm, but then employers we had sued and kicked butt for our clients started reaching out to us to help them do it right.

They figured if they didn’t call us, their employees would.

We pride ourselves for our out-of-the-box approaches in resolving employee conflicts and are straight-forward enough to say that a lot of people think that they have been wrongfully terminated when they haven’t been. If you are defending against a wrongful termination suit or another legal action, Linderman Law PLLC will move swiftly to protect the business that you have worked so hard to build.

Want To Start A Business?

Need To Protect Your Business?

We will help you from the ground up, from incorporation, corporate filings, maintaining company books and drafting shareholder/member agreements and corporate bylaws, to ensure that you have a strong foundation to launch your business and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying

She Is Our First Call

“I first learned of Ms. Linderman’s skills by witnessing them firsthand. After being impressed by seeing her in action, I asked her to represent our various Andiamo and Joe Muer restaurants in our employment matters. A decade later and she is still our first call whenever we have an employment question or need employee training.”– Joe Vicari

She Is The BEST.

”Linderman Law represented myself and my companies in real estate litigation…Marla recognized the weakness of the plaintiff’s case and filed a motion to dismiss right out the gate…She is the BEST.”

– Jeremy Dantzler

Highly Recommended

”Ms. Linderman filed suit…and succeeded in getting the Court to enter an order awarding my company PAYMENT IN FULL! Extremely satisfied with Ms. Linderman’s work and highly recommend her!”– George Anders

Respected In The Legal Community

“Attorney Linderman…is a highly decorated litigator who has been a member of the Michigan bar for 23 years.”

– Business Court Judge Christopher P. Yates

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