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Representing Employers For More Than 20 Years

In today’s litigious environment, many employers face lawsuits from employees or from other companies. Even if a lawsuit has no merit, it is crucial to work with an experienced law firm that has secured successful outcomes for previous clients.

The employment and business law firm of Linderman Law PLLC has served Michigan employers for more than 20 years. Across the state, we have built a reputation as a formidable and skilled advocate for employers’ rights. We can provide the aggressive representation that employers need to protect their company’s best interests.

Defending Employers From Claims Of All Varieties

We defend employers from all claims of employment law violations, including discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. As a rare law firm that provides representation to workers as well as employers, we understand how the other party thinks.

Take wrongful termination suits. Michigan is an “at-will” work state, which means that employers can terminate employees for any reason except where there are specific legal protections in place. Some employees mistakenly believe that their employer terminated them wrongfully, even if the employer was completely in the right.

No matter what type of allegation you face, Linderman Law PLLC will take every step to resolve your case favorably through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Minimize Liability Through Proactive Measures

Taking proactive measures can go a long way toward preventing problems. Linderman Law PLLC works to minimize liability proactively through drafting and revising employee handbooks, policies and procedures. We can help you create a productive and effective work environment with workable personnel policies while protecting your success with non-compete and confidentiality agreements.

Consult Our Experienced Employment Lawyer Today

Employers of all industries can schedule a initial consultation with Linderman Law PLLC to receive our experienced guidance. To schedule your consultation, call our Ann Arbor office at 734-864-4700 today. You can also schedule with us online via email.